Day 18: Clingmans Dome

clingmans-dome-tower2Hiked up and over Clingmans Dome today.  It is the highest point on the A.T.   There is a road to the top so after climbing it you suddenly pop out into a crowd of tourists.  Was weird.  I climbed the observation tower but then, since there were no cheeseburgers, I left quickly.

After a long descent I crossed the road at Newfound Gap.   It is the main road that crosses the park and the parking area was jammed.   I sat and had lunch.  Several people came up and asked me about my hike.  One Japanese woman took my picture.  I felt like an animal in display.

I am now at the Icewater Shelter, in my tent near it.  The shelter is jammed with people.  It is a Friday night  and it is only 4 miles from the road.

One Comment on “Day 18: Clingmans Dome

  1. We were there with the kid’s but we drove to the top! Beautiful view!