Day 7: Dicks Creek Gap, Hiawasse resupply

Made it to my first resupply point at Dicks Creek Gap.  Hiawasse is 11 miles west but the Top Of Georgia Hostel is just a half mile from the trail.

The hostel offers a bunk, shower and laundry service for $30.  I had a supply box shipped here.  I feel so clean and purty.  Batteries are charging up.  My supply of aspirin is renewed.  Life is good.  Tomorrow I hit the trail early.

My right knee has been screaming at me on descents.  Odd that during the day I have looked forward to the climbs because while tiring, they at least are not painful.  Got a knee brace and a bottle of aspirin today and will hope it gets better.

Below are some pics from the past two days.



3 Comments on “Day 7: Dicks Creek Gap, Hiawasse resupply

  1. The trail looks beautiful! I’m glad you got shower, supplies, and a bunk tonight! We have had days of rain here; today was the first sunny day in five days. How has the weathet been for you?

  2. No rain so far. High 70s day….50s night. Wonderful so far.

  3. Very impressed JonR. I’ve wanted to do the trail(s). I’d love to hear more about your journey. Happy trails!