Day 1: Brutal Sun

After taking pictures and signing the log book I was joking by 8am.    The Sun was just brutal.   This is not sand dunes desert, it is the high desert and has lots of plants, almost none tall enough to provide shade.

By noon, on a climb up a ridge, every boulder big enough to cast shade beside the trail had a hiker squated next to it.

I encountered a large rattlesnake who did not want to move.  I had to stop my feet for several minutes to get him to let me pass.

15 miles to Hauser Creek.  Tired.  Cramps.  Did not drink enough during the day but downed 5 liters in camp.  Did I mention that the sun is brutal here?

At least 30 people started the trail today.  Not a lonely place until the group gets spread out.

3 Comments on “Day 1: Brutal Sun

  1. 15 miles in that heat and with a pack?! You are amazing!☀️

  2. Good Day Jon. Sounds very hard…take care.

  3. Hi Jon, I used to catch snakes down in Louisiana as a kid but I think I would have left that one alone. :).