Day 12:  Triple Digit Temps

From I10 mile 209.5 to Mission Creek mile 226.2

I ended up sleeping in a recliner at Hillbillies last night.   At 6:30 he drove three of us to the trail in his 1949 Ford pickup.

By 9 it was hot.  Really hot.  Triple digit hot.  No shade, no wind, just climbing in the heat.   For much of the day I hiled with a 30ish Swiss couple, Samuel and Tamara.  This was the worst combination of weather and terrain yet.   Approaching Whitewater River was ugly, 1/2 mile wide canyon, boulders, sand and sun.

The river was a small stream close to one side of the canyon with some shade from large boulders.  We spent 3 hours there. 

Another six miles to the next water was torture.  It was only a 16.7 mile day but I was nauseous and had a headache, signs of heat sickness.  I barely got my tent up and lay down.  When I woke it was almost midnight.   Tried to drink but had no appetite.  Felt horrible and began to wonder what the heck I was doing.