Day 17: Snowing

From Hwy 18 mile 266.1 to just past Holcomb Creek mile 286.9

The 7am shuttle did not show up until 8.  Seems the manager simply lied to us because he was so sure no one would really want to leave.  While we were waiting two hikers made pancakes for everyone.

Last night was cold and very windy but left only an inch of snow.  As I started hiking it was about 35 degrees and sunny. In fact, for the first time in this trip it felt good to be in the sun.  Got walking at about 8:30.

At 9:30 the sky went dark and the temp plunged 10 degrees.  It started snowing hard, stinging my face.   I had on my fleece pullover with my rain jacket over that, with the hood up.  Also my light possumdown gloves with cuben fiber mitten covers over those.  I wore my gaiters for the first time also.

It snowed all afternoon, dropping perhaps 3 inches of snow.   I never stopped for lunch, only ate a candy bar.  Around 5 the snow stopped and I found a spot to pitch camp.

I am snuggled in my bag in my tent and am plenty warm.  In fact, my fleece pullover and my down jacket are currently my pillow and could be worn if needed.  I also have no socks on and my feet are comfy.  It is about 25 degrees and I think I would be comfortable down to 15.

Just after the snow started
The pancake ladies
Getting frosty

2 Comments on “Day 17: Snowing

  1. I don’t understand how you can hike like that and eat only a candy bar!

  2. Just catching up with your last three days, Jon! Glad you are nested so warmly in such conditions! I bet it will be hard to leave that cocoon…now to read that account!