Day 19: Silverwood Lake

From Deep Creek Hot Springs mile 307.9 to Cleghorn Picnic Area on Silverwood Lake at mile 328.1

20.2 miles today.  First 4 or so were coming out of the canyon into broad hills.  Much of the day was in recently burned areas, not super pretty.

The last 4 miles were circling Silverwood Lake,  up above it perhaps 200 feet or so.  I took a side trail down to a picnic area with running water and flush toilets.  Made a dinner under a pavilion and then rains began.  Camping is not allowed here so I am a criminal.   The rain shower stopped for now so I set up my tent behind some thick brush, out of sight from the roads and buildings.    A few minutes ago I went up to use the bathroom and coming out I saw park ranger and scurried into the underbrush to avoid being seen.  I am not moving again today!

The dam
Last view of Deep Creek

One Comment on “Day 19: Silverwood Lake

  1. Love the dam photo, Jon! Glad you weren’t found and kicked on down the trail in the rain!