Day 23: Baden-Powell

From mile 376.2 to mile 401.5

Camped at 8100 ft last night it was cold and windy this morning.  Walking by 6, the first 1.7 miles was up to the summit of Baden-Powell.  The latest Intel was that micro-spikes were not needed.  I still had mine and was glad for it.  When I hit snow it was rock hard and slippery.  Could I have made it without them?  Yes, but it was much more comfortable and safer with them.

From the top I could see snow capped Sierra Nevada to the north.  When clear, you can see the Los Angeles skyline.  Not today, the basin was filled with clouds.  Gayle and I remember the marine layer that is known as June Gloom.

After Baden-Powell the only other climb of the day was My Williamson.   There was a section of trail closed because of an endangered toad.  Had to walk a stretch of road instead.  Though I made 25 miles progress I think I only walked 22 or so.

Down lower now, I think around 6200 feet.  Just had dinner of a Knors pasta side fettuccini with freeze dried chicken and a stick of butter added.  Also two packs of Oreos and some peanuts for desert.

Only other hiker camped here is Nico, a mid 50s Spaniard.  He speaks very little English so there is no conversational demand.  We do manage to communicate about trail issues, water and such.  Just no deep conversations.

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  1. How are the hikers interfering with the toads?