Day 31: To Mojave

From mile 549 to Hwy 58 mile 566.4

I had my tent down and was all packed up just in time to get some fresh brewed coffee and brownies delivered at 6am by Richard and Peggy (pictured above).  They live, off the grid, nearby and love to meet the hikers.  Full of local lure and history, truly nice folks.  10 years ago this mountain was full of tall pines, then a fire.  It will be generations until it reaches that level again.

All downhill today and mostly good trail.  I flew.  17 miles and then a hitch into Mojave.  It is an ugly little town, like a long truck stop but with extra sun and heat added. 

I am now in the luxurious Motel 6 ($40 per night) and will see how many showers it takes to get this funk off me.  I am taking tomorrow off to rest and repair my feet.

Hikers enjoying “trail magic”
Another huge wind farm today

One Comment on “Day 31: To Mojave

  1. It anazes me how many people like Richard and Peggy come to meet the hikers and bring along wonderful food…like spectators cheering along a marathon route! It must be wonderful to meet all of them and hear their stories. I’m glad you’re off tomorrow..have a good rest.