Day 40: Zero At KM

I spent the day at Kennedy Meadows eating, sorting out my new gear, sorting food supplies and reading a book.

In the morning I took the shuttle (a pickup truck jammed with 15 hikers) to Grumpy Bears for breakfast.  I was not able to finish the pancake.

New gear includes a wool baselayer shirt, a whippet pole, new boots, hiking crampons, wool mittens, and rain pants.  The boots are similar to what I have been wearing but are waterproof.  Still makes me nervous about going through another round of blisters.

I ate dinner here at the little grill, cheeseburgers of course.  Much of the day I just hung out in the porch and this evening I finished the book I started yesterday.

The only thing I have left for the morning is to see how everything fits into my pack.

One Comment on “Day 40: Zero At KM

  1. Hi Jon, Reminds me of the pecan waffle I had this weekend at Waffle house. Much smaller though. Glad you’re well and coming home. 🙂