Day 47: Decision To Pause

Hiked with Ned and crew back towards Cottonwood Pass and the trail out to Lone Pine.   Easy day today.  We are now only 8 miles from road.  I camped on a large rock to avoid the cold snow.  My sleeping pad is not really made for snow and is not warm when on snow.

I have decided to go home and come back in about 3 weeks.  During that time snow will be melting.  It will not be gone when I come back, not by a long shot.  The snow line will be a bit higher, I will have fewer miles on snow, and the streams may not be as raging.

Ned has offered to give me a ride to Reno.  I can fly home from there.  

Suncups… snow does not melt evenly

One Comment on “Day 47: Decision To Pause

  1. Enjoy the pause…..