Day 51: Into Sierra City

From Mule Ears Creek mile 1179.3 to Sierra City mile 1195.4

After we camped last night a southbound hiker arrived and camped near us.  This morning we learned from him that the trail is snow free from here north into Sierra City.  We did not rush once we heard that.

It was a pretty hike, 16 miles, and we did it by 2pm.  We got burgers at the general store and are staying at a hostel type place.

Also now hear that the next 600 miles are mostly snow free!   Still a bunch of snow around Crater Lake but I won’t be there for a month so hopefully it will be gone by then.

3 Comments on “Day 51: Into Sierra City

  1. Yay for green and no more snow! That sky is just beautiful.

  2. Wow! I was holding my breath there for awhile. Good photos. Hope you can really enjoy it out there now! Good job coming back and hanging in there!

  3. Wonderful, to hike without the snow must be a relief. Enjoy!