Day 54: Resting In Belden

From mile 1229.6 to Quincy Laporte Road then off trail to Belden

My left thigh and left knee were screaming at me this morning.  I cleaned the scrapes on my legs and took as much ibuprofen as I could but I hurt.

It seems that the microspikes I wore for a bit yesterday caused some new issues on my feet.  I have rubbing on the top of my feet where I have never had an issue before.

We started to hike and it was painful for me.   When we hit the Quincy road I decided to hitch out and find somewhere to rest. 

We got a ride down the mountain, a 26 mile road with death plunges most of the way.  That put us in Quincy.  Then we tried to hitch to Belden, where the PCT crosses and there is a campground.

Along the busy road we got no ride.  After 2 hours a woman pulled over and suggested we go up the street to the natural foods store.  We did and an hour later a very nice lady called her husband and had him come and drive us to Belden.  79 years old, born in Holland, he drove us to Belden.

There was a music festival here that just ended today so the place is crazy.  We are camped along the river and were able to get showers.  

Randy’s wife is meeting him here on the 4th.  Their wedding anniversary was a couple of days ago and they will get a room at the resort.   I will hang out here, rest and heal, and hopefully get back on the trail on the 5th.

6 Comments on “Day 54: Resting In Belden

  1. Geesh–so I guess you do have a lot to celebrate this July 4th! What an adventure. Glad you have a hiking buddy. Things do have a way of working out.

  2. My husband thinks Zamberlan boots would protect your feet better. He says he put 2,500 miles on his first pair. You need an Epsom Salt soak! That’s my 2 cents! Ha!

  3. The snow skills instructor swore by Zamberlan boots. I am soaking now! Thanks!

  4. Ouch, that photo made me wince in (your) pain. Maybe you need another day to heal. I guess you carry antibiotic cream…

  5. Oh, Jon! That fall sounded very scary.

  6. Sending healing energy to you Jon.