Day 62: Hat Creek Rim

From Lost Creek mile 1383 to Burney Guest Ranch mile 1407.2

Hiked 24 hot miles today.  Left camp at 6 and arrived at the Burney Guest Ranch at 5.  The Hat Creek Rim section follows on the ridge above the valley where Hat Creek flows.

This section burned in 2009 and it is hot, exposed and dry.  There is a 20 mile stretch with no water but some wonderful volunteers put a 500 gallon water tank along a forest service road near the middle of the dry patch.

There were no major climbs but parts of the trail were on old lava flows and really tough on feet.  Also caught my first views of My Shasta today, it looks awesome.  A few miles before Burney the trail drops off the ridge and circles a lake.

I am at the Burney Guest Ranch which is .25 miles off the trail.  I have a bunk in a room of 8 bunks.  Randy and Half Squat are also here.  I have showered and have all my clothing in the wash (I have rain pants on).   There are probably 20 hikers here.

On Hat Creek Rim
Mt Shasta in the distance
Crystal Lake not far from Burney