Day 65: Split Personality

From Clark Spring mile 1434.5 to Gold Creek mile 1455.6

Today had a split personality.  The first half of the day was in pines, shaded and really pleasant.   I was not soaked in sweat for a change.  I took lunch at 11:30 and had done just over 10 miles.  I sat airing out my feet at a pretty campsite beside a small stream.  In pines with a nice split log bench and a perfect little fire ring.

After lunch the trail almost immediately broke into the open and continued that way for most of the afternoon.  It was still pretty mountains but it was awful hot.

I wanted to do more miles today but after 21 miles my feet told me to stop.  They were not as painful as in the past but I could tell they had enough for the day so I stopped rather than going another 4 miles to the next water.

Gold Creek is a quarter mile off the trail on a logging road.  Where the water access is there is a large area that was bulldozed and looks like it was a log collection point.  Ugly.  I went further down the road, found a nice spot and made camp.

First I got water and did my least favorite chore, squeezing water through my filter.  While I was near water I washed my legs with my wet bandanna.  They get black with dirt every day.  I also rinsed my tshirt and put on my sunshirt.  Next I set up my tent on a flat spot.  Then I used nearby rocks to make a fire circle and gathered some wood.  I lit the fire using one map page as starter.  Once the fire was going I got my stove out and made dinner.

I am now in my tent looking up at the trees above me.  Most nights I don’t put the rainfly on so I can see the stars and feel the wind.   It has been a good day but I am tired and my feet hurt.   Time for bed, 8:30.  9 is considered hiker midnight.  The temp has dropped enough that I need my sleeping bag over me.  Goodnight.


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  1. Even on the trail, you have daily chores…