Day 66: Beautiful & Hot

From Cold Creek 1455.6 to West Trough Creek mile 1479.4

I walked through 23.8 miles of beautiful mountains here in the Shasta Trinity National Forest today.

I slept in and did not start walking until 7:00.  I was surprised to find that Switchback (Anke, German lady) was camped just around the corner from me.

Many creeks during the first half of the day culminating with the Mccloud River where I ate lunch.   More open areas (read hot) and climbs in the afternoon.

I stopped at a small spring in the afternoon and had a beautiful moment.  I was filtering water and looked up to see a buck above me.  He just stood there staring at me and looking majestic.  I see feet every day but this guy was regal.

Arrived at camp spot at 7.  Switchback is at the same spot.  Mosquitos are out here in numbers.  It is also hot so tent was unbearable until after 9 when it cooked a bit.  Sat and chatted with Switchback  for a bit.  I hope it gets cooler so I can sleep.

One Comment on “Day 66: Beautiful & Hot

  1. Memorable encounter with the buck…we have a four point buck who walks across our back yard numerous times daily…15 yards from the window…and it is a glorious sight every time.