Day 74: Exciting Plans

From Etna Summit mile 1597.2 to Shelly Meadows mile 1607.9

Last night in the Hiker Hut I studied the maps, mileages, and towns near the trail where I could meet Gayle when she comes to visit.  She is flying in on the 14th and we will meet on the 15th.  But where?

Obviously I need to be able to walk there in time to meet her.  It would be good if there was a decent place to stay, without a long drive, maybe some decent restaurants too.

The town of Sisters, Oregon seems to fit the bill.  After I suggested it Gayle checked it out online and it looks good.  There is an okay but not outrageous hotel in Sisters along with a bunch of restaurants that met with her approval.  30 minutes away is Bend with a Trader Joe’s, an REI, and many eateries. 

I will have hiked near Crater Lake but will likely be hurrying so we will both enjoy spending one day exploring that park with a car.

It is 384 trail miles from Etna to Sisters.  I didn’t leave Etna until noon today and did only 10 miles.  Only 374 more to go.  I can make it if I do at least 20 miles every day.  I have planned for 2 days off in Ashland where I need to replace some gear and put together & ship food packages to myself at Crater Lake and Shelter Cove.  No room for slacking now.

I hitched out of town and a very nice lady went 30 minutes out of her way to drive me back to the trail.  At the trailhead at Etna Summit there was a forest service employee posting info about the Inland Fire.  First he apologized for not picking me up (he drove past me while I was hitching).   Then I got the scoop on the fire: it is burning itself out and not expanding.  It got within 10 miles of the trail.  For several miles I could see smoke in the mountains to the west.

I am camped near Shelly Meadows.  Small lake here, I am in pines near the outflow from the lake.