Day 75: Marble Mountains

From Shelly Meadow mile 1607.9 to mile 1629.9

Most of the day was in the Marble Mountain Wilderness, within the Klamath National Forest.  Part of the Klamath Mountains which are part of the southern Cascade range.

The Marble Mountains are rocky, what a shocker.  Passed a couple of lakes though not as pretty as the ones last week.

I also encountered perhaps a dozen sections of snow.  All very short stretches, nothing scary.  One section did cover a sharp turn in the trail and it took a gps/map check to figure out where to find the trail again.

I picked up 2.5 liters of water at Paradise Lake and am dry camped about 4 miles past that.  Nice spot, in pines on the edge of a grassy open area.  There is a 6 point buck here who walked within 10 feet of my tent.  No fear of humans.  In fact, I have heard of several hikers who have had dear steal garments and nibble on hiking pole handles.  They want salt.