Day 82: Howard Prairie Lake

From mile 1725.6 to Klum Landing Camp mile 1747.9

The trail today was gently rolling through pines and meadows mostly at 4500 to 5000 feet.  It passed Hyatt Lake and then Howard Prairie Lake, which I am camped near.

The trail circles around this lake for some time, I think th is about 5 miles long.  I am camped in a drive-in campground that is on the lake.  There are trade-offs.  The bad is that I am in my tent ready to sleep and I am hearing kids yelling, dogs barking and all the annoying sounds of family car camping.  The good is that I got a shower, pooped in a flush toilet, and got two ice cold Snapples from some campers.

I am camped with 3 other hikers tonight.  Omer,  a young Israeli guy and a couple from the bay area. 

I did 22.3 miles today and could have done more.  I was here by 5 but the prospect of a shower was too good to pass up.  It was hot today, high 90s.  By Wed it is supposed to be pushing 110.