Day 101: Trout Lake 

From mile 2213.6 to mile 2230 (with a 14 mile hitch into Trout Lake and back)

I was afraid I didn’t have enough food to make it to White Pass so we went into the town of Trout Lake today.  From camp it was 12 miles to the road including one steep 1300 foot climb.

We made it to the road by noon and got a ride quickly.   Pure luck, there isn’t much traffic on that road.  Trout Lake is a cafe, tiny store and gas station. 

We got lunch at the cafe and were able to charge our phones.  Next was a few items from the store, we each just needed a few things.  In the store there was a list of phone numbers for people who would drive hikers out to the trail.  A few calls later and we had a ride.

By 3:00 we were back on the trail with views of Mt Adams.  It started to drizzle so we only did 4 more miles (climbing) and camped near a spring.  4 more people arrived and we are packed in tighter than I like.  We are surrounded by huckleberries and 2 guys camped here are out here just to pick berries.

I did have a good dinner.  I carried out brats, buns and packs of mustard and had a good feast.