Day 91: Hail On The Mountain

From Shelter Cove mile 1904.1 to Charlton Lake mile 1922.6

Last evening we took our pizzas to the Forest Service campground just up the road from the “resort”.   A site cost $16 and since we told other hikers about it we ended up with at least a dozen tents set up in our site.

This morning Digs was not feeling well.  We delayed leaving and went back to the store for real coffee.   Finally around 9 we started to walk.  Totes and Bones went at their normal pace but I hung back with Digs who was struggling.  We only planned an 18 mile day.

From Shelter Cove the trail gently went up 1200 feet over 6 miles, passing a string of ponds.  At one point there was a view of a string of 3 ponds and Odell Lake.  I had cell service there and called Gayle.

After that the trail dropped a bit and then there was a 1000 feet climb in the afternoon.  As we were climbing that we started to hear thunder.  We were racing a storm, wanting to get up over this ridge before lightening made it unsafe.  Luckily, Digs was feeling better by this point.
We hit the top and started down just as the hail  began.  At times it was large enough to hurt.  We passed a small pond and were amazed at the size of the splashes the hail was making.  Stopping there and camping was an option but we pressed on.

Another 3 miles and we had dropped down to Charlton Lake just as the rain stopped.  Our friends were there along with some other hikers.  We chatted for a bit and then had to race to set up tents as another storm rolled in.

The second storm has passed, I have cooked, eaten and put gear away.  Almost dark, time to sleep.

Optimistic Turtle…famous for her water info

Charlton Lake from our campsite