Day 93: Meadows

From Dumbbell Lake mile 1944.7 to mile 1967.2 near the Linton Meadow Trail

Totes and I are camped where we planned to be but Bones is somewhere past us.  He thinks he is behind us.  Long story.

Totes left first this morning.  Bones was next but he planned to go off trail to the resort at Elk Lake and then catch up with us.   I left camp last and caught up with Totes at the top of our big climb for the day.

Totes and I ate lunch and went swimming at Sisters Mirror Lake.  When we left that lake we took the wrong trail for 3 or 4 tenths of a mile.  Saw a really beautiful lake before we realized we were not going the right way.

We now know that Bones passed by while we were off trail.  Later in the day we passed some southbound hikers who confirmed he was ahead of us.  We will try to catch him tomorrow.

Besides lovely lakes we also enjoyed a number of meadows today along with views of South Sister Mtn.   A thunder storm rolled through around 2 this afternoon.  We hid under some trees till it passed.  This evening there are rumblings but I think the storms are passing south of us.

Addendum:  I was wrong.  At about midnight we took a direct hit from a thunderstorm.  Since we were in our tents it was actually kind of nice.  Lasted only 30 minutes.

Brokentop Mtn – blew it’s top

A tall lava flow
Obsidian Falls