Day 98: Cascade Locks

From mile 2132.8 to Cascade Locks mile 2144.6, then to Trout Creek mile 2174.1

I was walking this morning by 6:15.  It was only just over 11 miles but I wanted to be sure to get there on time to meet Gayle.  It was mostly downhill, steeply at times.  The sight and sounds of the river and town growing as the elevation dropped.

As soon as I was in town I called Gayle and asked her where she was.  Just getting to town, then she said I should turn around and there she was!

We ate, got my groceries and explored Cascade Locks and Stevenson (town on the WA side).   We had an early dinner at a place overlooking the river where sailboarders were still out.

I got a text from Totes this morning.  She and Bones and some other hikers I know were planning on leaving Cascade Locks this morning.  They will be a full day ahead of me so it will be tough to catch them. 

Instead of trying to catch them I cheated.  I found a forest service road that crosses the trail 30 miles north of the river.  Gayle dropped me there.   There is a creek here, nice place to camp and an open area nearby to watch the eclipse.  I’ll skip 30 miles to be able to hike with friends again.