Day 113: Smoke & Rocks

From mile 2435.4 near Cathedral Rock to Mig Lake 2454.4

I started to smell the smoke in the wee hours this morning.  When it got light I was in a deep fog only there was no moisture and my eyes stung.  Smoke.   As I was making breakfast a Dutch couple came by and asked if I had paper maps.  The phone apps are good for the main trail but not side trails and roads.  I always carry paper maps as a backup.  These guys were looking for an exit because of the smoke.

By late afternoon the smoke had dissipated though there was still some haze. 

It was another tough day.  Up steeply, down steeply and rocks under foot in both cases.  The mountains are steep and full of huge rock slides.  Also passed several really pretty high lakes today.  Deception Lake was gorgeous, deep and clear.  I took a quick dip and it was freezing. 

I hiked till 6 and only made 19 miles.  I am tired.  Camped on the shore of Mig Lake, a smaller lake.  8 miles to Stevens Pass and then a 14 mile hitch.  I need to be there for lunch since the only food I have left is a couple of clif  bars.

Cathedral Rock in the smoke