Day 121: Tummy Ache

From Stehekin Ranch mile 2569.4 to Bridge Creek tentsite mile 2586.4

Perhaps I should not have stayed up late reading in bed by oil lamp and lantern.  Perhaps I should not have eaten two rounds of breakfast complete with French toast, hash browns, fritata, orange juice, bacon, more bacon and sausages.  By the time I started walking I felt like my stomach and legs were lead.

Though the trail was climbing it was mostly gentle.  I encountered a park ranger who reminded me that if I had not made camp site reservations I needed to hike at least 16 miles to get out of the park.

I hiked 17 miles to a creek with good camping nearby.  I had not been drinking enough during the day so I quickly sucked down a liter.  Then I felt sick.  Got my tent set up and lay down.  It was only 5 but I was done for the day.

Left and Right arrived an hour later and are camped here also.