Gear List

I was just below 16 lbs base weight (without food, fuel, or water) which is light but not ultra-light.  At the last minute I decided I needed a stand-alone tent which added more weight.  I also replaced my very light pack with a pack that can carry larger loads more comfortably, but which is, of course, heavier.  My base is now just over 19 lbs.  I should be around 41 lbs with 6 liters of water, 5 days of food and fuel.  I’ll add 4-5 lbs of  gear for the Sierra Nevada but won’t have to carry as much water there so it should balance out.   Perhaps after the Sierra Nevada, when I ditch my snow gear, I will also switch tents and packs.

category pounds ounces Item
76 Osprey Atmos AG 65  (switched from Osprey Exos 58 which is only 39 ounces but stops being comfortable with loads over ~30 lbs)
1.3 ULA shoulder strap pocket x 1 (quick access to my phone for pictures)
21.3 zpacks 20 degree 900 fill bag, wide & xlong size
1 zpacks cuben fiber roll top stuff sack for sleeping bag
12 neoair xlite 72″ pad
2.5 Gossamer Gear 1/8″ foam pad (protects airpad from sharp things, little extra insulation, sit pad)
35 Big Agnes Copper Spur UL1 tent  – I was using  a Tarptent Protrail which is only 27 ounces but it needs to be staked.  I switched to this tent because I wanted a free-standing tent for camping on snow.
sub-total: 9.4 150.7
3.5 Olicamp Xcelerator remote canister stove (changed from 3 oz MSR micro-rocket to have a wider flame pattern so I can actually fry/cook in addition to heating water)
.5 wind screen made from an ezfoil cookie pan
7 toaks titanim 1300 ml pot w/lid and pan
1.5 antigravity gear pot cozy
0.4 sea to summit long handled spoon  (dumped the toaks folding titanium spork after it folded up on me one too many times)
3.5 GSI backpacker mug
0.6 GSI spatula/scraper
3 zpacks cuben fiber roll top food bag, 50′ slick cord & biner for hanging
2.6 (2) 1-liter smartwater bottles
4.1 sawyer squeeze water filter with 2  32 ounce bags
2.6 (2) 2-liter platypus water pouch
sub-total: 1.8 29.3
Clothing carried
6 2 x socks – darn tough micro crew lt cushion, men’s large
8 polartek 100 1/4 zip fleece pullover
11 montbell alpine light down jacket (4oz of 800 fill)
3.6 montbell versalite rain pants
6.4 OR Helium II Rain Jacket  (may upgrade to Zpacks Challenger Rain Jacket 40″ long with two way zipper and pit zips at 7.1 ounces)
4.0 OR ankle height gaiters, at least 20 years old
1.4 zpacks possumdown gloves
1 zpacks challenger rain mitts (cuben fiber-event material)
3.0 spyder down hat  (this thing is ancient)
3.4 Patagonia lightweight capilene bottoms
4.8 Montbell merino wool lightweight longsleeve top
1.2 zpacks roll top cuben fiber bag for clothing
sub-total: 3.4 53.8
Hygiene / Safety
6 personal hygiene – toothbrush & paste, peppermint soap, bandanna, comb
10 first aid – moleskin, bandaids, ibuprofin, sudafed, liquid skin, chapstick, nail clipper, neosporin, pepto tablets,  gold bond, foot glide
4 sunglasses
4 misc pouch:  lighter, mosquito headnet, deet, neoair patch
1 Gossamer knife (tweezers, toothpick, scissors, screwdriver, file, blade)
3.4 black diamond revolt headlamp w 3 AAA NiMH batteries, USB recharge cable
8 poop kit (toilet paper, cottenelle, hand sanitizer, duece cathole trowel)
6 printed maps, pages from yogis book
3 compass
1 bandannas, multipurpose
sub-total: 2.9 46.4
other stuff:  credit cards, id, passport, pct permit, ca fire permit, cash
7 delorme inreach explorer – gps tracks and satellite messaging
8.3 Anker Powercore+ 10050 battery
 3.0 Samsung 1 port fast charger, 2 port charger, three cables
7 Samsung Galaxy S7 , camera and phone;  guthook app, halfmile guide
sub-total: 1.6 25.3
Total: 19.1 305.5
rei sahara convertible pants
2.2 patagonia nylon belt
2.3 patagonia capilene boxer briefs
2.7 patagonia capilene lightweight t-shirt
5 exofficio minimo long sleeve sun shirt (50 upf)
smartwool hike medium cushion socks, large
4 REI Sahara Cadet Cape Hat –  I had to give up my OR Ghost sun/rain hat when I switched to the Atmos 65 pack because the pack extends up behind my head and the rear hat brim hit the pack.  This one isn’t waterproof but my rain jacket hood will go over it.  The neck cape can be rolled up and snapped inside the hat.
8.5 1 black diamond alpine carbon cork trekking pole (8.5 oz), 2′ duct tape on it, wrist strap removed
for Sierra…. keen targhee II mid hiking boots, size 10, waterproof lining
for most of trail… keen voyageur mid hiking boots, size 10, breathable mesh lining, not waterproof
Changes For Sierras
21 Kahtoola K10 Hiking Crampons
41 add bv-500 bear can, 700 cu
add black diamond carbon whippet pole, 17 ounces in hand
 2 add 2 9.6 inch rei snow stakes
maybe add: smartwool mid 250 top (8oz), fleece pants (8oz), tyvek glissade diaper (2oz)
sub-total in lbs: 4.0 64
Base 19.1
fuel, 8.9 oz + can 0.8
Days of food 5 7.5
liters of water 6 13.2
Total Weight ~ 41 lbs with 6 liters of water and 5 days food, or 32 lbs with 5 days food and 2 liters of water
 Add 4-5 lbs for Sierra gear