Day 124: O Canada

From mile 2632.3 to Northern Terminus / Canadian Border mile 2650.1 then on to Manning Park (26.8 miles total) It was another cold morning and even with a bug climb first thing I was still chilly.  The trail climbed up over 7000 feet for Read More

Day 123: Almost There 

From Glacier Pass mile 2609.6 to mile 2632.3 It was cold this morning.  Fingers starting to not work cold.  Mid 30’s.  I did a hot breakfast and got a late start.   I was hiking, even during a climb, with my fleece and gloves on. Read More

Day 122: Getting Cold

From Bridge Creek mile 2586.4 to Glacier Pass mile 2609.6 It was chilly this morning.  Probably as cold as it has been on this trip.  I had my fleece, down vest and down had on for breakfast.  I made a hot breakfast, Mountain House Read More

Day 121: Tummy Ache

From Stehekin Ranch mile 2569.4 to Bridge Creek tentsite mile 2586.4 Perhaps I should not have stayed up late reading in bed by oil lamp and lantern.  Perhaps I should not have eaten two rounds of breakfast complete with French toast, hash browns, fritata, Read More

Day 120: Stehekin

From mile 2565.2 to Stehekin mile 2569.4 It was a quick 4 miles this morning to get to the road at the High Bridge Ranger Station.  This is within the Lake Chelan National Recreation Area and the park service runs a shuttle here 4 Read More

Day 119: Here Comes The Sun

From mile 2540.7 to mile 2565.2 It wasn’t raining this morning and during the morning climb of about 3000 feet the clouds parted to allow a view of the glaciers above. By lunch there was enough sun to have a yard  sale.  That’s where Read More

Day 118: Glacier Peak

From Mica Lake mile 2518.3 to mile 2540.7 It was raining this morning and I refused to get up.  I did a mental inventory of my food and remaining miles to resupply.  A full day in bed. Eventually the rain slacked off and I Read More

Day 117: In The Fog

From  Reflection Pond mile 2497.7 to Mica Lake mile 2518.3 It started raining last night around dark and continued through the night.  By the time I was our of my tent it was just a light drizzle. All morning was in a cold heavy Read More

Day 116: Bear Crossing

From mile 2472.8 to Reflection Pond mile 2497.7 I was cranking today, all day long.  24.9 miles today with over 6,800 feet of climb and about 6,200 feet descent.  I had a good breakfast, was walking by 7, took short breaks and just pushed.  Read More

Day 115: Homesick

From Stevens Pass / Skykomish mile 2461.7 to mile 2472.8 I miss Gayle.  I miss Jorn.  I miss my home.  I’ve been feeling weary.   I did not really enjoy the past week on the trail.  I thought about going home every day.  I’m feeling Read More