Day 4: Big Winds

Mile 47.8 to Rodriguez Water Tank (mile 68.4)

After a mostly sleepless night it was a real feat to get my tent down without damage.  On and off during the day the wind was so intense I was staggering like a drunk.  I loved it, it was not hot!  For the first time it was comfortable hiking.    First 20 mile day for me. 

Thought about Gayle while I took photos of some of the flowers.  She would have gotten better shots and would love seeing them.

Was hiking with Marco most of the day but I think he is soon done.  At one point he said “I get up early, eat food I don’t like, pack up camp, walk all day, set up camp, eat more food I don’t like, and am exhausted.  How is this fun?”    He was inspired by a documentary he saw about the PCT.  Like most, they focused on the cool aspects and not on the pain, filth, exhaustion, and relentlessness of the routine that you deal with along with all the good.

Big crowd camped here, next water north is 8 miles.

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  1. Love the photo of all the campers.