Day 24: Poodle Dog Bush

From mile 401.5 to mile 427

Today was a long day but on mostly fairly easy trail.  Perhaps a 2000 foot climb in the morning but over 5 miles.

Much of the day was in recently burned areas and contained lots of the dreaded Poodle Dog Bush.  From what I am told, this plant makes poison ivy look wimpy.  It causes rashes, swelling and itching for weeks.  The leaves are sort of hairy and those fibers have the toxic oil on them as do other parts of the plant.  They are only found in areas that burned within the last 8 years or so.  Saw a ton of it today and hope I avoided it all.  Some sections today were very overgrown so it was difficult.

25.5 miles today, not entirely by choice.  The last 3 or 4 were because I could not find a level spot to camp.   The trail was following contour on the side of the mountain and besides the narrow trail everything was at a 70% slope.  I finally found a spot, struggled to get my tent up in a stiff wind, and then cooked dinner in the vestibule of the tent.  Warm now.  Goodnight.

Wouldn’t flutterby be a more appropriate name?

Sitting in tent, cooking in vestibule

One Comment on “Day 24: Poodle Dog Bush

  1. Nice that the elevation was more gradual, offsets the poodle dog bush! I envy you, all the “silence” and nature sounds you must be hearing.