Day 34: Finally Pines Again

From Golden Oaks Spring mile 583.3 to mile 604.4

The first two hours today were very pleasant.  Walking through pines in nice temperature and no direct sun.   By 8:30 that changed, the growth was scrubby and the sun was fierce.

Late afternoon brought a return to pine forests.   Though these are not dense growth they provide some welcome respite from the sun.

I got to the first spring after 18 miles.   Made stovetop stuffing and chatted with some of the hikers there.  Then I packed up with the intention of hiking another 7 miles.  After 3 miles I saw this lovely camp site and stopped.

My knee bothered me all day.  Not a disabling pain, just a low constant pain with an occasional jolt.

It is only 7pm but I am in my tent and settled in for the night.  No rain fly, I can look up and watch the sky and the tall pines around me.

How the day started…
Horned Toad