Day 46: Injuries Change Plans

My plans changed in a big way today.   Ned told us he can’t go on and must turn back and hike out of Cottonwood Pass leading into Lone Pine.  His back and knee hurt badly.

I contemplated going on anyway but decided that I would rather hike this section when I can enjoy it.  If I wait for three weeks or so the snow level will move up to perhaps 10500 or 11000 from 9500 feet.  That would mean that the approaches to the high passes might be 2 miles of snow instead of 5. 

It also means less melt water and less dangerous stream crossings.  Seeing Rock Creek made up my mind.  It is normally hardly mentioned but it is full now.

It will take 2 days for me to reach Lone Pine.  Once there I will decide my next logistics steps.

Rock Creek trail crossing