Day 48: Homeward Bound

Pictured above is “hiker stew”.  This is what happens when a hiker stays at a hotel with no guest laundry facilities.

I hiked the last 8 miles or so back to Cottonwood Pass, then down a side trail to Horseshoe Meadows.  There is a campground there and a paved road.  The road runs about 20 miles winding down, with death-plunge drops, eventually reaching Lone Pine.

After a pizza stop, I rode with Ned and his son John for 4.5 hours to Reno where they live.  They dropped me at a Days Inn that is near the airport.  Tomorrow I will hit the mall across the steet for a haircut and a cheap bag to put my pack in to protect it from the airline baggage handlers.  I have a flight home in the evening.

Halfway down to Horseshoe Meadows
Horseshoe Meadows
Old cattlemans cabin