Day 64: Shade

From Burney Falls mile 1416.5 to Clark Spring mile 1434.5

I was almost out of camp early, but didn’t make  it.  One of the other hikers, I can’t recall her name, offered me hardboiled eggs for breakfast.  I had my pack on already but could not resist and ended up eating and talking for another hour.

It was a pleasant hike in the morning, around Lake Britton, over the dam and then climbing.  Later in the day it was finally back into pine forests and shade.  My feet felt good all day until about 5.  Though I really wanted to do more miles today I stopped to baby my peds.

I camped close to Clark Spring and no one else is here.  Had a small fire, was able to was up and rinse my shirt, and read for awhile before dark.  A lovely evening, though I miss Gayle and Jorn.

One Comment on “Day 64: Shade

  1. It must have been quite the sight to walk over the dam!