Day 67: Castle Crags & Mt Shasta 

From West Trough Creek mile 1479.4 to Interstate 5 / Castella / Mt Shasta mile 1499.2

Bugs were out this morning so I skipped breakfast and hiked about 3 miles to Squaw Valley Creek and ate there.  Next was a 2000 foot climb then a long descent to Interstate 5.

Along the way I got a good view of Castle Crags (above). Of course also views of My Shasta and the little brother volcano called Black Buttes.

I hit the interstate ramp at the same time as 2 young ladies I met at the Burney Guest Ranch.  They also wanted to go to Shasta and called a cab that was going to be $45.  Before it arrived a pickup truck dropped off a hiker and offered us a ride.  Tony is a retired CHP officer and during hiking season he shuttles hikers around nearly fulltime.

I am now in the Travell Inn and waiting for pizza to arrive.  Tomorrow I will grocery shop and get back on the trail.

6 Comments on “Day 67: Castle Crags & Mt Shasta 

  1. Jon, Any regrets on the equipment you decided to pack? Also, what sort of stove and water purification are you using? I’ve been rethinking my choices.

  2. Are you stopping in Ashland ?

  3. Oh yes. I will stop at Etna and then Ashland. 10 or 11 days from now if no problems.

  4. I packed too much warm clothing and shipped some home. Happy with most gear. I hate the sawyer squeeze but it is what 90% are using. However, after having 3 sawyer bags break I switched to evernew bags. My stove is an olicamp that does not sit right on the fuel can so I can use a windscreen around it. I got it because it has a wider flame pattern that I thought could help when trying to get. I have not so might as well have my msr microrocket. Many jetboils here but that limits you.

  5. I’m not a fan of the Sawyer squeeze bags and filters because you have to dip the water to fill the bags. I still use my first MSR ceramic filter, but if I were cutting ounces, I’d go to the Sawyer filter, too. I mostly use my MSR microrocket, but I’ve been playing with a wood burning stove lately to avoid having to carry fuel. Two things I don’t like about it: (1) you can’t regulate the flame if you need to simmer something and (2) it forms soot on the outside of the pot that gets on your hands. How about the new tent you got to stand up to the storms?

  6. Mt Shasta, what a beauty..:) Happy hiking Jon.