Day 78: Siskiyou Peak

From mile 1676.8 to mile 1702.2

25.4 miles today and my feet feel it.  It was a most pleasant day with elevation changes limited to 800 feet up or down at a time.  There were many meadows but the open stretches were short, most of the day was wonderfully shaded.   Climbing Siskiyou Peak was the one long open stretch.

Early this morning there was a view to the west and the sky was brown.  Slight odor of fire in the air.  I am guessing there is a new fire west of us.

I carried 4 liters of water from the last spring and am dry camped in a tiny little flat spot just off the trail.  I ate and then retreated into my tent because I was in turn being eaten.  As I am writing this I am watching the swarm of skeeters being frustrated by the tent.

Tomorrow will be a 14 mile hike to Interstate 5 and then a hitch to Ashland.  I need to get to the Post Office by 5 or I have to wait until Monday.  I will go there first and then to the hostel.

Crossed into Oregon today!
Bear Grass aka Soap Grass
Brown sky to the west…new fire?

2 Comments on “Day 78: Siskiyou Peak

  1. Yay! Oregon! Amazing photos as usual.

  2. I love this armchair hike of the PCT – wonderful photos Jon!