Day 89: Lakes, Peaks & Skeeters

From Windigo Pass mile 1875.7 to mile 1895.3

Today included swimming in Summit Lake, walking on snow on Diamond Peak and suffering from swarms of mosquitoes.

We all slept in a bit because we planned to go just under 20 miles.  The next water beyond that was too far and this puts us less than 10 miles from Shelter Cove.

In the morning we had views of Cowhorn Mtn.  We climbed about 1000 feet gently, had wonderful views of Summit Lake with snowy Diamond Peak towering above it.  The trail then descended to Summit Lake where we ate lunch.  It’s a pretty big lake but the water was crystal clear.  Cold too, I know because I went swimming.

Another long gentle climb in the afternoon with views of Diamond Peak.  We climbed up on it’s shoulder and had a small section of snow to cross.  The top of it still has lots of snow.  From the ice cold Mountain Creek we carried water to a campsite at about 7000 feet.

For several of us today was the first time we used our mosquito head nets.  They were really bad several times.  Interesting, it was higher up in pines when they were horrible, not near the lake.  We are camped high up and not near water but they are swarming.  These skeeters apparently think deet is a seasoning.  You either hide in your tent or you wear long pants, long sleeves and a head net.

After dinner we sat around and told stories and jokes, Totes and Bones in their tents, Digs and I with every inch of skin covered.  I like this group because, as Totes put it this evening, “we laugh a lot”.

Cowhorn Mtn
Summit Lake with Diamond Peak behind it
Snow on the trail on Diamond Peak
Ice cold water in Mountain Creek