Day 92: Lakes & Ponds

From Charlton Lake mile 1922.6 to Dumbbell Lake mile 1944.7

I took a little extra time to let my tent dry this morning and started walking around 7:30.   Over the course of 22 miles today I passed at least a dozen lakes and ponds.  The trail was pretty gentle with nothing more than perhaps a 600 foot climb.

Digs wasn’t feeling very energetic this morning and she never made it to Dumbbell Lake where we are camped.  Late in the afternoon I caught up with Totes who had left 45 minutes before me.  I hiked the last 7 miles with her and Maverick, a section hiker who is a real character.

The campsite at Dumbbell Lake is gorgeous.  The lake is two lakes, joined by a narrow section in the middle.  It is crystal clear and clean.  The campsite is on a little rise above the lake, right in the middle of the two sections.

We set up tents first because there was the threat of storms.  Next was a dip in the lake.  A bit chilly but really refreshing after a day of hiking.  Dinner, story telling and general silliness after that.  Maverick has a sense of humor that fit right in with us.

We got a little rain shower and now as it is almost dark thunder in the distance.

Jacob and son Michael at lunch
Forest Service crew… no chain saws allowed in wilderness areas
Dumbbell Lake