Day 27: A Glorious Hiking Day

It was a crisp morning that started with a mouse damage check.  After dark I heard the mouse and got my light on him just as he lept from a clothes line that ran too close to my hanging pack.   I leaned over and shook my pack until he popped out.  It took several tries to hit him with my boot and knock him off.  Later I heard him at it again but didn’t want to wake the others up.

So, my morning started with a damage check.  No damage, he had brought in some tissue and was creating a nice home.  Dumb mouse, a smart one would have picked a southbound hiker.

I got a late start because Two Cups was sharing food and I was giving him two cups of my fresh brewed coffee.  So much better than instant.

The morning was crisp but not freezing.  Within a few miles I was back to only a tee.  In 3 or 4 miles I came to Sams Gap, a big highway crossing.  There was cell service there so I updated blogs and had a long call with my sweetie.  I learned that miracles do happen, PSU beat OSU.  We Are.

The big climb of the day was Big Bald Mtn.  When it was in sight a nice lady on a day hike with her dog offered to take my picture.

As I got closer to Big Bald I could see why it was called that.

A bit of a climb but worth it for the views.

I made it to the Big Bald shelter at 5.  It was a lovely day but I had gone only ten miles so I loaded up with water and continued on.  I hiked till dark and pitched my tent in Whistling Gap.  Had to cook by flashlight but it was a comfy spot.

2 Comments on “Day 27: A Glorious Hiking Day

  1. I just got caught up, what great stories. I am a little jealous. Good luck on the rest of the trip, from a former Mindspringer

  2. Somehow, I missed this entry; love the mouse story. Your pack must have been inviting. Cooking by flashlight?! I’d be tempted to just eat something cold, but you’d probably been thinking about that hot meal the last few miles… You must miss Gayle’s good cooking.