Day 9: Standing Indian

Todays 12.5 miles were dominated by the climb up and over Standing Indian Mtn.  Even though a big climb the trail was not as rocky as it has been and seemed easier.      My knee has been a bit better, the brace and vitamin I (ibuprofin) are helping.      

The mountains of the southern Nantahalas are beautiful, mixed hardwoods and rhodos.  Weather continues to be perfect.

4 Comments on “Day 9: Standing Indian

  1. So beautiful, I loved my time with my brother hiking in the Nantahala Forest, although that’s when I decided I was not a backpacker! You have my admiration Jon. Stay safe.

  2. The first photo–trail so inviting! Are the insects a problem at night?

  3. Very few insects this time of year.

  4. I am so enjoying reading your blog. Sounds like a great time. They named the chunky gal trail after me.