Day 7: Stowaway

Warner Springs (mile 109.5) to Lost Valley Spring (mile 119.6)

While taking a short break this afternoon I took my phone out of the shoulder strap pocket and left the pocket open.   When I reached to put the phone away the little guy above popped out and startled me.   Since none of you were there, as far as you know, I did not shriek like a little girl.

I had to wait for the community center to open at 8 to start charging the battery I use to recharge my phone.   Though I stared at it, it still charged slowly.  I sat around till noon to get 70% charged. 

I hiked about 10 miles, starting along Agua Calienta Creek and then climbing to about 4500 feet.  High clouds blocked the sun enough to make it nice.  In an open spot but wonderful view and a spring only .25 mile away.

Can you spot the little critter in the pic below?

3 Comments on “Day 7: Stowaway

  1. Beautiful campsite Jon! Enjoyed seeing the sunset.

  2. Great to read your blog and see the photos each morning, Jon! No, of course, that friendly little lizard wouldn’t make a guy like you shriek!

  3. Yes Jon we remember Costa Rica! praying for you and excited to hear updates Ed and Kelly