Day 9: Idyllwild

From mile 140.2 to Hwy 74 (mile 151.8) then hitch 18 miles to Idyllwild
Up early but not feeling terribly energetic, I hiked the nearly 12 miles to Hwy 74 and then a mile up the road to the Paradise Cafe.  Cheeseburger, of course.  Place was full so I shared my table with a lovely Israeli couple who are doing a large section of the trail.

A section of trail is still closed from a fire several years ago so you have to go around it.  Tomorrow I will rejoin the trail at about mile 178 and start the climb up Mt San Jacinto.

From the cafe I had 18 miles of road with no shoulder so I stuck out my thumb.  In less than 5 minutes a wonderful woman pulled over, rearranged things to make room for me and gave me a ride.  She was not going into town but did so for me.  She also drove me around town, showed me the stores I would need, suggested restaurants, showed me where to pick up the trail and then deposited me at the office for the park where I am camped for the night.  Thank you Francis, you made my day.

I walked to town, got stove fuel, new merino wool undies I hope will chaff less, and groceries.  I showered in the coin showers and washed my shirt.  My battery is charging in the ranger station, they were very nice.  Next, back to town for pizza at a place that had Wi-Fi and charging stations so I can post this.

Idyllwild is a tourist town and is jammed on this Saturday.  I was dreaming of a hotel room but all are full and the park is just fine.

Up and into some snow on San Jacinto tomorrow above 8,000 feet.  Next supply stop Big Bear Lake.

3 Comments on “Day 9: Idyllwild

  1. Very kind of you. Glad you found this nice little town hospitable. Happy, safe journey. I will be following

  2. Hey, Frances! You made my day, too, with Jon’s (he is my brother) description and photo of you. There are so many wonderful people in this world. As usual, your photos are great, Jon, and glad you had your cheeseburger fix!

  3. So heartening to hear of the kindness of strangers, definitely makes up for the lack of a hotel room!