Day 13: Sick Day

Mission Creek mile 226.2 to mile 235.5

I was still nauseous this morning and had some cramping through the night.  After 10 miles there is an 18 mile stretch where you can not camp because of a fire two years ago.  Since there is no way I could do 28 miles in this heat I made it a half day so I could recover.

Forced myself to eat breakfast.  Walked slowly, took breaks.  Following stream up canyon for ten miles so water constantly.    By 1:30 I set up camp, napped, ate and drank as much water as I could.  Feeling better now.  Ate two dinners.  Small level area and 20 hikers backed up here.  Tents are jammed close to fit everyone.   Lots of interesting folks.  I also spent time on my feet, draining blisters and other such fun things.

2 Comments on “Day 13: Sick Day

  1. Fun things Jon? Ouch…looks painful. Wish a fast and good healing. Bert