Day 22: Wrightwood

From mile 367.4 to mile 376.2, with a trip into Wrightwood for supplies.

I had a 2 mile morning hike to reach Rt 2.  Took only 10 minutes to get a ride from a local who spends much of his day hauling hikers the six miles into town and back.

In town I first ate the largest chicken fried steak I have ever seen, along with gravy, 3 eggs, hash browns and toast.

Next to the market for supplies.  Sat outside the market where they had tables and power outlets for hikers to charge up.  Before I was really ready a guy leaving the store with groceries asked if anyone needed a ride to the trail so I left.

I have hiked only 7 more miles and am camped in a beautiful spot at about 8100 feet.  In the morning I will have only 1.7 miles and 1200 feet to the summit of Mt Baden-Powell.  Going to be very cold tonight.

Trivia for the day: Mt Baden-Powell is named for Robert Baden-Powell who founded the Boy Scouts.

Passed the top of several ski runs this morning
Looking up at Mt Baden-Powell
Sunset from my tent
Getting cold now…watching from warmth of sleeping bag

One Comment on “Day 22: Wrightwood

  1. It’s 48 degrees and rainy here tonight as I look at your tent and sunset. I hope you’re toasty warm, Jon! Have a good day tomorrow.