Day 61: Old Station

From Hat Creek mile 1367.1 to Lost Creek mile 1383

Today was all about getting supplies in Old Station.  It was a lazy morning.  Since the post office was only 4 miles away and not open until 11 there was no reason to hurry.

I started walking at 8 and arrived at 9:30.  Calling Old Station a town is very generous.  There is an rv park with a tiny store and deli.  Beside it is the post office.  By the time the p.o. opened there were 7 hikers waiting.  Of course we were all eating junk from the store/deli.  There was just enough cell service to call Gayle.

I got my package of food and then shipped a box to Ashland.  My down jacket, gloves, solar charger and some other small items.  I kept my microspikes for now.

Next was a hitch 4 miles up the road to a restaurant for burgers.  I got a ride in the back of a pickup along with Erica and The Mayor.  Switchback was already there so the four of us had lunch together.   I say together but since there was Wi-Fi there we all had our noses into our phones.

It was tough walking away from there in the heat of the day.  I only did another 12 miles but it is the beginning of the Hat Creek Rim stretch.  It follows along a ridge looking down at the valley where Hat Creek flows.  In 2009 the whole area burned and it is very dry, hot and exposed. 

I camped at the trail down to Lost Creek.  To get water was a 15 minute hike down very steeply.  Randy and Half Squat arrived while I was fetching water.  With more hot dry terrain tomorrow I think a very early start is in order.

Hat Creek Rim is hot and dry