Day 102: Mt Adams

From mile 2230 to mile 2255.7

The trail today was going around Mt Adams on it’s western shoulders.  It was amazingly beautiful.  Way back when this volcano last blew it appears to have lost a big chunk of the western side of the peak.  Much of the day we had views of the top which is covered in snow and ice.

There were a series of meadows, streams fed by the glaciers, and huge lava flows.  As we descended a bit there were huckleberries, blueberries, and a series of ponds.  Throw in views of Mt Rainier off to the west and it was a picture taking day.

We hiked over 25 miles today.  Dry camped, we carried water the last 5 miles.  We are in thick pines at around 5,000 feet.  No one else around.   I got chilled after eating as dark was approaching.  I still had more clothes I could have put on but opted for my sleeping bag.  Lately we aren’t even staying up to 8 and now coldness is driving us into our bags earlier.

Mt Adams up a lava flow
Mt Rainier
Glaciers on Mt Adams