Day 104: White Pass

From mile 2277 to Dark Meadow mile 2293.6

From our campsite it was 15 miles to Hwy 12 and White Pass.  Down for 4 miles, a 2000 foot climb over the next 5 miles and then down to the pass.  I just about ran the last stretch and got there by 12:30.

Half a mile west of the trail crossing is a small convenience store that accepts and holds hiker resupply packages.  They also sell pizza, sandwiches and overpriced goods.

I scarfed down some pizza, got my package and used the pay shower.  No laundry but I did wash my shirt and one pair of socks in the shower.

I said goodbye to Totes as I headed back out to the trail.  She has a different schedule now with some family coming to visit so I am solo again.  Also heard from Bones that he won’t be catching up, he has quit hiking for this year.

I headed back to the trail but only went 1.5 miles and found a meadow with a stream not far off the trail.   I sorted my food and read.  Yep, afternoon off.  Also had a nice hour long call with Gayle.

I have to decide soon if I am going to do the Sierra Nevada section I skipped after I reach Canada.  I would like to but I also miss home and the logistics will be a pain.