Rough Go Predicted For 2017 PCT

With a week to go, while making last minute preparations, I saw two two articles yesterday to make me nervous.   First, the Washington Post had an article about the northern Sierra having the wettest year in recorded history, over 751 inches of snow in some areas.  Here’s the link:

After 63 feet of snow, Northern California mountains break record for wettest water year.

Then I open up the May Backpacker Magazine that just arrived and they have a little blurb on PCT hikers. They predict a “rough go” and expect less than 15% of thru-hikers to finish the trail this year because of the big snows.   Completing the trail this year will just be a bit sweeter!


2 Comments on “Rough Go Predicted For 2017 PCT

  1. Hi Jon, sure, it seems to be rougher this year than the previous. But you made some adjustments and the sierras are a “little” ahead. If you there, you think about it more…easy saying i know. Wish you a good start… Bert

  2. Thanks Bert. I’m actually feeling pretty good about my plans, I expect to be in that 15% finishing.