Day 84: Over, Under & Around

From Fish Lake mile 1770.9 to 1794.5

Sam gave me a ride back to the trail at 7.  The first half of the day was pleasant walking even though it climbed about 1500 feet.  Had a nice lunch break with Totes, 3 section hikers and Bones, a thru I had not seen before.

After lunch Oregon turned on me again.  This time she put many dozens of blowdowns on the trail.  They slow you down as you figure our how to go over, Under or around each of them.

In the very late afternoon the trail and was just over 7,000 feet and turned very rocky again.  I was planning on taking a side trail down to a small pond, part of Snow Lakes, but I never saw it.  I am camped on top of the ridge a mile past where that trail should be, just before Devils Peak.  I had enough water with me to be okay but I could drink another couple of liters if I had it.  I will get to water early in the morning.

One Comment on “Day 84: Over, Under & Around

  1. Jon sorry we missed you. My husband ended up needing treatment last weekend for a blown disc. We wish you the best. You should be very proud!! The Oregon mountains are beautiful and rugged. Many blessings